HR Strategy & Development

Finding your way from your company's main strategy to a good HR strategy is an important and often challenging task. Which HR processes should be prioritized based on the strategy, and how smartly are these processes designed?

We make HR easy

We at Sariba have over 20 years of experience in HR strategy and development. Our goal is to contribute to lasting value creation for our customers, including by delivering experience-based advice in HR strategy and development.

During our 20 years as a company, we have seen how more and more people have become aware of the importance of HR as a function, and how HR helps manage the company's important resources; People. By putting HR and your company's employees on the agenda, you take a step into the future and make sure that you are a preferred employer both today and in the future. 

We are happy to help you develop a strategic HR function, and also give you advice on how HR roles in your company should be positioned. We provide smart and creative solutions for HR processes in streamlining and simplification, scorecards, service levels, communication and internal relationships.

We have good experience in supporting both organizations and managers in deciding, implementing and following up the necessary changes so that the strategy is realized. Our strategy clients know WHAT they want to achieve, and our strategy consultants show HOW this can and should be implemented. This is how we add up the prerequisites for better performance, and we help to elevate HR to new heights.

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To actively support the business strategy, HR must be able to renew and change both its own department and the organization. The direction is defined through a clear and consistent HR strategy, a clear vision, values and strategic goals that encompass the entire organization.

We help you develop a consistent HR strategy and strategic plans to solve both short-term and long-term business needs. We advise you on how your company can stimulate, implement and follow up positive action patterns in order to perform aligned with your business goals.

HR Transformation

The term "HR transformation" has been used for several years by both HR managers and consultants. But must a process of change be a transformation? The key word is potential: HR has the potential to support your business' needs and create greater added value. HR transformation is what makes it possible, and which contributes to better results. Change creates value for a while, but it takes an HR transformation to land the optimal results.

Here's what we do:


We help you map and analyze today's HR function from three perspectives:

Outside: The employee experience

Client: Managers' needs

Inside: Obtaining desired effect and process efficiency.


We help you design your HR function in a way that purposefully creates a unique employee experience, meets your managers' needs and works efficiently, especially through:

  • Design thinking
  • Organizational and process understanding
  • Digitalization

We support your company's implementation of your HR transformation through:

  • Planning and project management
  • Execution on time and at cost
  • Follow-up on obtaining the desired effect

Today, any real HR transformation is based on the purpose of the HR function: mission, mandate and role. Then the question focuses on what the HR function should deliver and how this should be done. An HR transformation thus includes three dimensions: Why, What and How:

Why should we have an HR function?
  • What is the need for a dedicated HR function?
  • What role should HR play?
  • Should HR only support the managers?
  • Run your own strategic initiatives?
  • Provide advice on efficient work methods, organizational design and innovation?
What will HR deliver?
  • What will be the mission and what mandate will be included?
  • What should a dedicated HR function deliver?
  • What is included in the delivery?
  • How should a coherent HR delivery model look?
How will HR produce and deliver?
  • How will a traditional three-part delivery model with personnel policy and strategy, advice through HR business partners and administrative services manage new demands?
  • How should the assignment be carried out for the delivery to meet the needs?
  • How is the mission deployed for the needs to be met?
  • How is the HR function structured, designed, resourced, lead and managed in order to deliver with precision?
  • How should each component be designed?

When these questions are asked honestly, from the outside in, the answers provide a to-be state that is significantly different from the current situation. An HR transformation is required to fully succeed with the change.

Organizational development

  • Prepare your organization to achieve its goals!

When you focus on efficient processes, it produces lasting, positive changes and good results! We are convinced that performance improvements are created through training and developing management teams, managers and employees.Organizational development is a long-term and continuous process of varying intensity. It aims to support your company's strategies, goals and expected results. In order to succeed in organizational development, we at Sariba are committed to ensuring that your organization has a common "mental picture" of the challenges to be solved and the goals you want to achieve. 

Our skilled consultants help you to:
  • Lasting value creation and better top and/or bottom line
  • More skilled managers and a good balance between leadership and management
  • Better communication and interaction in teams and management groups
  • Increased focus on prioritized input factors
  • Clearer leadership philosophy and good implementation

Leadership development

  • Give your company lasting, positive changes!

At Sariba, we work with management team development on the part of a holistic view of leadership. Collaboration and a good balance between leadership and management increases performance and provide good results – also for the long term.

With our expertise and experience in management team development, HR development initiatives, processes and technology, we assist you to strengthen your company's performance.

When does it pay you to invest in your management team?
  • In need of leadership development
  • When collaboration across fails to deliver desired business outcomes
  • If necessary to "speed up" the implementation of changes
  • When there is a desire for a stronger performance culture
  • In the event of conflicts or latent conflicts that prevent cooperation
  • When the team is not heading in the same direction
  • If a management evaluation is needed

Sariba's working methods are based on an experience-based approach. Research shows that humans learn through doing, and then reflect on what has been done.

Individual leadership development

With individual leadership development from Sariba, you strengthen your company's results because you facilitate that your leaders get more.

Managers have different needs for counselling, and an individual solution is important to create room for transparency, while at the same time addressing the need for confidentiality. Sariba's certified coaches are experienced and can act as both sparring partner, mentor or coach.

When does it pay you to invest in individual leadership development?
  • When the manager wants to develop his or her leadership skills
  • When the manager wants increased awareness of his or her own behavior
  • When the manager wants to develop his or her relationship focus
  • When the manager has a particularly challenging work situation related to challenging personnel matters, conflicts, difficult choices, demotivated employees, change management, scorecards, communication challenges, etc.

Interim management

  • Sariba can deliver the leadership resource you need at short notice

Does your business need to fill a management position for a shorter or longer period, full-time or part-time? Are you missing an HR director, an HR manager, a COO, a CIO or a program/project manager? Sariba offers professional and experienced leadership support in critical phases of interim management.

Our consultants have more than 20 years of experience in guiding organizations through changes and providing temporary management support. Our goal is to give your organization renewed energy and execution power by filling key functions with the right resources at the right time. 

What features can we fill for you:
  • HR Director
  • HR Manager
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • IT Director
  • Program Director
  • Manager

In order for you to succeed with organizational development, good partnership, common understanding, acceptance of the existing good plans, implementation power and a clear goal picture are required. We'll be happy to help you, all the way.

Project and change management

Optimal project execution requires focus on both project management and change management.Sariba's consultants have both relevant project experience and extensive professional expertise in project and change management and HR.

Payroll services

Project management

Managing a project in the right way is a very important task, both for the end result, but also for everyone involved. You know your company best and will in any case be the expert in your field, but how about allowing us to show expertise in ours? We at Sariba have over 20 years of experience in project management, and together we can deliver the very best results. 

We at Sariba offer comprehensive project management within an extensive range of projects. Does your company need a new management system? We offer the best in the market, based on the goals and gains you want to achieve. In more general projects, we offer expertise and management throughout the project life cycle.

Our experience ranges from program management in large procurement programs, to team management. We have experience with the introduction of ERP and HR solutions, both on the customer side and as a supplier. We focus on profit realization and delivery at the agreed cost, time and quality. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to be able to work with technology, methodology and people, all central to our strategy.

Sariba has what it takes to contribute to optimal project teams, and our project managers are trained to manage and inspire project participants to perform at their best.

Change management

Change processes are challenging for both managers and employees, and unfortunately they often do not proceed as planned. The ability to both understand and lead change is therefore very important for everyone, including your company.

We at Sariba have long and strong experience with change management, and our consultants understand that efficient business processes require interaction between technology, people and processes. With this as a backdrop, we minimize the risks associated with implementing new business systems and help ensure your value realization.

Benefits from good and proper change management

  • Reduced costs
  • Shorter "time to market"
  • Better data quality
  • More efficient procedures