Get more out of your company's HR solution with Sariba Support

With Sariba Support, you get access to the market's best cutting-edge expertise in Support SAP HCM and Support SAP SuccessFactors . This way you save time - and get the most out of your company's SAP investment. It can be costly and time-consuming to acquire the expertise needed to further develop and maintain the company's HR solution. Then it is good to know that we in Sariba have over 20 years of experience with Support SAP HCM and Support SAP SuccessFactors , and that we are happy to help you. Regardless of which HR solutions your company uses, we offer an efficient and professional support solution with a wide range of smart services and functions. Here you can read more about each and every one of them.

Efficient and intuitive helpdesk

With Sariba Support helpdesk you get good and efficient procedures for following up cases, always in accordance with agreed deadlines. We document all cases in the support portal and make them available to customers afterwards. Sariba's support portal is simple and intuitive, gathers all information and communication in one place and takes GDPR and privacy into account. 

With Sariba Support you also get:

  • support and response to inquiries
  • help with fixing bugs
  • assistance in developing new functionality
  • information about system updates
  • our newsletter
  • discounted courses
  • service meetings

Broad expertise in both subjects and systems

We have broad expertise and a professional environment available to handle various inquiries. Each customer gets their support team consisting of consultants with different levels of expertise: Senior Managers with expert expertise, Managers with in-depth expertise and Consultants / Senior Consultants with general competence.

Further development in accordance with applicable laws

We help you further develop your solution and ensure that it is always in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Among other things, we provide recommendations on which updates from SAP your business should implement, and also advise on new functionality. Through us, you also get access to a separate professional customer contact with expertise and good knowledge of your particular company's solution. In addition, we have our own procedures for safeguarding GDPR. 

Local presence 

To ensure a smooth delivery, we have access to local resources and can provide a local presence upon request. In addition, we have resources in Spain, Portugal and Sweden, as well as in Oslo and Stavanger.

Further development, maintenance and takeover of personnel

Sariba Support can take responsibility for Application Development (AD), which means that we further develop your solution and make sure to streamline your company's internal processes. This will give the users of the system access to new and/or better functionalities, which in turn will help simplify the employees' everyday work. 

Furthermore, we have long and broad experience with Application Management (AM), which includes the operation, maintenance and upgrades of your HR application. We always work according to best practice and make use of techniques and procedures that ensure optimal maintenance. With AM, your business will have more predictable cost structures with great potential for savings. 

To facilitate a smooth transition, Sariba also offers the takeover of personnel and the preservation of internal company expertise.

Different service levels 

Our consultants have extensive experience and solid expertise in both Support SAP HCM and Support SAP SucessFactors and aim to provide you and your business with lasting value creation. We offer three different levels of service, depending on what you and your company need. 


Third-line support, Incident Management, SLA and service meetings, as well as follow-up and assistance in connection with new launches and new functionality.


Like Basic, but including free courses, installations of new functionalities and unit tests, as well as agreements on managing fixed annual tasks.


Like Extended, but with second-line support.

Do you also want to get more out of your company's HR solution?

Feel free to contact Jan Henrik Rentcsh, Head of Customer Excellence, and we will talk about how we can help you and your company in the best possible way.

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