Overview and insight throughout the payroll process

There is a solution that allows you to automate all the steps in your payroll processing process, and validate and check data continuously, regardless of when payroll run productively.

The solution eliminates the need for manual inspection reports, and which allows you to detect and correct errors before productive payroll driving.

We give you access to the solution that allows you to set up checks on data consistency and master data before the first payroll run! A solution with separate roles for payroll administrator and payroll employees - different approaches for different tasks.

You get:

  • Clear and intuitive display of statistics and key figures
  • Handling of error messages and rejections
  • Very good activity logs give you both an overview and insight

If you have any questions, you are of course more than welcome to get in touch.

Payroll Control Center from Sariba
- Overview and control throughout the entire payroll process

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