Get track of your compensation process – once and for all

Compensation. What do you understand by this word? And how is this handled in your company? Compensation is about giving your employees the right salary for the work they do, while at the same time it can be about bonus for an extraordinary effort. Salary and bonus are two important measures you can use to make your employees feel seen and valued, and it is therefore extremely important that this is done in the right way. 

Many companies do not have system support for their compensation process, and compensation is calculated manually. The approval process is also manual, and is done by e-mail or in meetings. As we all know, manual processes can be both heavy, complicated and lead to errors. The good news is that there is a simple and intuitive solution for managing compensation, a solution that provides you with an overview and insight; Overview of the entire compensation process. Insight into each employee's salary development. Sounds great, doesn't it?

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Known compensation challenges

  • You have no system support for the annual salary review 
  • You have no system support for bonus allocation
  • Manual processes and calculations give a poor overview and can lead to errors 
  • Your managers can't see how much of their budget they've spent, resulting in a lack of overview.
  • You have no system support for approving salary adjustments. 
  • It is difficult to get an overview of total salary adjustment, both per department, for a location or for the entire company

Choose a system that helps give you an overview

By choosing an automated compensation solution, you give your managers both insight and overview throughout the process. Choose a solution that allows your managers to see how an individual employee's potential salary change affects the entire department and the budget as a whole. Choose a solution that allows you to try different adjustments to see how this affects the overall picture, and ultimately provides a correct and fair salary adjustment. Choose a solution with an approval process. Choose the solution that gives you the overview you need - choose SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation is an easy-to-use cloud solution that ensures a simpler, more secure and more accurate compensation process in your company. Compare, rank and allocate different payments and benefits and get a full overview of all reward and compensation agreements. The solution allows you to link performance and rewards in an objective way that helps you build a strong performance culture and increase engagement within your company.

SuccessFactors Compensation naturally comes with predefined reports that prevent discrimination and ensure compliance with legal requirements.