Are you planning for the future?

What happens in your company when key people leave? This is probably not something you like to think about, but having a process for both succession management and employee development can actually increase the motivation of your employees. Did you know that the turnover rate for the under 35 age group is about 20%, and that for the 35-49 age group it is about 10%? With these figures in mind, it's important to make a plan so that you're not unprepared on the day a key person walks out the door for the last time.

why succession planning and
employee development is something you should focus on - today

There are many good reasons for this - here are some clear wins that can be easily reaped by companies with successful succession plans:

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1.7 times more effective in retaining the best performing

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2 times more effective in sharing talent across the company

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50% faster to achieve productivity for internal vs. external hiring

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