Our advisory services are built around 3 HR challenges

Historically, HR departments have been responsible for the administrative routines of the company. However, in recent years we have seen a clear shift and HR work has become more focused on operational improvements. In addition, we also see an increased focus on delivering services that think "outside in", i.e. services that start with the customer. These services give the employee a whole new role in defining their work experience; we call this employee ownership.

Putting employee ownership in place requires an upgrade of both the HR strategy and the service model. This means redefining what used to be 'inside-out' processes into an employee ownership framework. Our services help you connect HR strategy, digitalization, processes and employee engagement into a competitive advantage in the battle for the best people.

It's all about understanding both where HR is today and the framework for the service model of the future; about understanding your employees' needs in a way that leads to clear action plans and implementation of solutions; about improving processes and digitizing services to support the desired work experience.

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The 3 HR challenges

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1. HR service model

Give HR a clear compass for where the organization is going, as well as the framework for HR's services. Upgrade skills to meet the future.


  • HR-audit and strategy
  • Organization and service delivery
  • Transformation, change and project management
  • Staffing management

2. attractive work experience

Understand and implement the solutions required to create an attractive work experience within the organization's framework.


  • Employee Experience
  • People Analytics
  • Action planning and implementation
  • Evaluation of leaders and talent

3. hr process improvement and digitalization

Create employees through open, efficient and digital processes that give both the organization and the employees what they need.


  • HR process improvement
  • HR digitalization
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