How do you welcome new colleagues?

Having a good procedure for welcoming new employees is so much more than a joint lunch and a PowerPoint presentation of your company's vision. The onboarding process can actually start from the moment the employment contract is signed, and this way your new colleague will feel both prepared and taken care of long before the first day of work.

A modern onboarding solution prepares your new colleague for a career with you by answering all their questions, such as: when and where should I show up? Will I have a mentor, and if so, who will it be? Who can I ask practical questions? Where can I pick up my computer, and will I get a new cell phone? Do I have to buy it myself and get a refund, or will I be given one when I arrive at work? And what about this SIM card?

In addition, you can plan for the first working day by arranging meetings, recommending which people your new colleague should talk to and ordering all relevant equipment. You also give your new colleague access to participate in various courses, and to read up on what you think is necessary to get as good a start as possible.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

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known challenges related to onboarding

There are many challenges related to onboarding. Below you will find some of them.

  1. You lack a system to support the process

  2. The onboarding process varies from time to time

  3. Lack of plans means that it takes a long time for your new colleague to be productive in their job

  4. The period from recruitment to start-up is not very engaging for your new colleague

Which Onboarding Solution Should You Choose?

There are several different solutions for onboarding, and we fully understand that familiarizing yourself with what the different systems contain is a comprehensive task. We at Sariba have for over 20 years delivered HR systems to both large and small companies, in the public and private sector, and have good experience when it comes to advising our customers.

We will of course help you choose the solution that is adapted to the needs you have, both today and in the future.

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