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have you asked yourself the important questions?

  • How do you build commitment and enthusiasm around HR and HR services?
  • How do we strengthen our own role in the organization?
  • How do you help create attractive work experiences, while leading the work of your organization?

HR strategy is about gaining clarity in why we have an HR function, what HR is and who HR is for.

It clarifies the direction for your employees, strengthens the service delivery while building both understanding and trust in HR in your organization. When we define an HR service model, we go from vision and strategy, to realizing the strategy in management principles and organization of HR services and organization.

The purpose of developing an HR service model is:


You create a roadmap to create attractive work experiences


You clarify your own role and identify requirements, so that HR succeeds with the delivery


You strengthen the organization's trust and create clear expectations for HR


To ensure that you choose the right HR system and build relevant HXM services that cover as many needs as possible

Our method is based on over 20 years of experience in HR management and organizational development

The starting point is clarity and clarity about who HR's customers are, and what their needs are about. At the same time, we link this to management principles and the organization's needs so that we get a framework around HR services. This gives us the need for services, which we use to define a clear delivery model, criteria and implementation principles.

saribas method

- we help you build your HR service model

Saribas method

We support you with both design, procurement and implementation of services and processes. At the same time, we support you in change and project management.

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