How is the situation with sickness absence follow-up in your company?

It will always be the case that employees both get sick and on sick leave, but have you considered that your handling of this plays an important role for the working environment in your company, and that it also has financial consequences? Having good control over sickness absence follow-up is therefore a very important task, but because the process can be lengthy and is experienced as both heavy and demanding, the quality is not always as good as it could have been.

Our experience indicates that there is a lot of uncertainty connected to the follow-up of those on sick leave; when are you going to start? What should you do first? Which forms should you send where? And not least when? One experience that many people have is that the maximum date sometimes comes a little too soon

The good news is that there is a solution that automates the process and guides you safely through all the steps. In this way, you ensure that your employees return to work faster and healthier. Good for the employee, good for the economy and good for the working environment. Sounds brilliant, doesn't it?

therefore, sariba care is an excellent solution - for you

There are many good reasons why Sariba Care is the sickness absence follow-up solution for you. When you use our solution, you get, among other things:


You get an automated solution that guides you through the entire process - step by step


You get a proven, educational and user-friendly solution


You get a solution that is updated at all times according to government requirements

Choose a system that gives you full control - over the entire process

Choose a solution that guides you through all the steps in the sick leave process, from A to Z, and ensure that the employee feels looked after throughout the sick leave. Choose a solution that gives you alerts so that you meet deadlines, and that supports your managers in the important and challenging task that sick leave follow-up can be.

Reimbursement from NAV

There is money to be saved by doing the sick pay follow-up correctly

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What happens next?

We at Sariba have over 20 years of experience in HR systems, HR consultancy and HR processes. We are of course more than happy to help further with the selection and implementation of a solution for sickness absence follow-up. 

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