Do all your employees work in the same direction?

Making all employees work in the same direction might be a challenge, and getting all your employees to see that your company's goals are ultimately also their goal isn't always easy. For how can we expect an employee to see that his or her daily efforts play into the company's final results, if we do not demonstrate it? And how often do you really think about how to work to achieve the targets you were assigned in January?

Working actively with performance and goals starts at the top, and without a good tool this can be a demanding job. The good news is that by simple steps and with a good solution, you put this on the agenda and motivate your employees. 

Imagine the following: a solution that allows you to replace both paper, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as a follow-up system. A state-of-the-art system that guides you, your managers and your employees through goals and the development process, throughout the year. A solution that puts competence on the agenda and that makes everyone work in the same direction, throughout the year. Sounds good? It is!

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Known challenges in performance and goals

  • You lack a system that supports the process.
  • The intention is good, but the follow-up becomes sporadic and the goals are put away.
  • Measurements written on paper or loaded into an Excel sheet are difficult to follow up on.
  • Managers carry out the process differently, because they lack a common working methodology.
  • Few people have the overall overview of the company's goals, and it is difficult to see how the individual's input can contribute to it.

When using Sap SuccessFactors Performance and Goals, you have the opportunity to reap the following gains:

  • 36% lower turnover
  • 10% increased employee engagement
  • 25% higher earnings per employee

Sounds good - right?

Select a solution that shows the way

Get rid of paper and Excel-based employee development once and for all, while adopting a system that ensures that you adhere to GDPR privacy rules. Choose a system that allows you work with developement and goals, every day throughout the year, so that all employees work in the same direction.  Also, select a solution that allows you to motivate and engage your employees by giving them continuous feedback on the work they do. Make sure your organization's performance is optimized by getting the right people to do the right things the right way.

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals is a complete performance management tool that helps you both set and adjust goals for all employees. The solution is both simple and intuitive and includes both goal setting and goal follow-up. In addition, it is adapted for both feedback and coaching and helps you to focus on the goal throughout the year, with continuous follow-up.

The tool quickly gives you valuable insights you can use to optimize performance at both individual and team level - and to make goal adjustments for the company as a whole. In short, SuccessFactors Performance and Goals ensures that you will always know that everyone is pulling in the same direction.

When setting new goals, the tool gives you recommendations on what will be the most effective at the time. SuccessFactors Performance and Goals comes with a goal library containing more than 500 specific, measurable, achievable and realistic goals - while giving you continuous updates on employee and team performance and progress.