Hiring, developing, and retaining the right people for your organization has a clear and measurable impact on the performance of your company. But how much time do you spend on a recruitment drive? And do you find it challenging to find the really good talents, the very best minds, the ones that really want to make a difference for your company? Hiring the wrong person is both expensive and time-consuming, and poor recruitment routines are one of the main causes of this.

The good news is that there is a great solution for the recruitment process, one that will impress everyone who uses it, from HR to potential candidates.
It allows you to find top talent and get them engaged with your company so that they are ultimately hired by you. It's easy to use and guides you through every step of the recruitment process.

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Known challenges related to the recruitment process

Our experience shows that the recruitment processes at many companies are both manual and extensive. In addition, unnecessarily much time is spent managing the process itself. The lack of system support and a well-thought-out process might lead to a number of uncertainties related to recruitment:

  • Who creates the job requisition and who approves the recruitment?
  • Which competence should our new colleague possess?
  • Should we conduct some form of testing?
  • Which candidates should we invite for an interview, and who conducts this?
  • When and where will the interviews be held, and who follows up on this?
  • Who from our organization will participate in the interview and how should we assess the candidates?