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Creating an attractive work experience (Employee Experience) for employees is about activating the organization around a mindset where employees are "customers" as much as employees. It is a strategic choice you make as an organization, and it is not just about HR, even though it is a core area at HR. Work experiences are created by the organization as a whole:

  •  The organization's structure and value chain
  • The team and colleagues
  • Line managers and bosses
  • Organizational culture -
  • Processes
  • The social, physical, mental and virtual work environment

We can certainly add things, because work experience is everything that affects the head and heart of the employee and that leads to a perception of "the job". It is really a very individual matter, because not all employees have the same needs, values or preferences.

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Most organizations that actively work with work experience focus on employee surveys. We at Sariba also think that research is both important and good, but for it to lead to a good work experience, a clear listening strategy is required, built around smart technology and an integrator with HR systems and processes.

Traditional listening tools, such as employee surveys and heart rate surveys, have clear benefits, but also clear challenges; Employee surveys can quickly be perceived as heavy with very many general topics. It is often not clear enough who is responsible for the action after the investigation. Heart rate surveys are good for checking the temperature, but can quickly become too superficial to provide the value the organization needs to create an attractive workplace.

At Sariba, we want listening to be flexible, and hit the nail on the head every time - as an integral and smart part of HR technology, HR processes and HR services. We will listen to everything that is done in an employee survey, but the vision is that it is done naturally at the right place and at the right time - and not least, that feedback from employees hits the person responsible for action. We call this "micro-listening".

we help you put the listening program in context with your HR strategy

Creating attractive work experiences for employees is not just an "HR thing". For the work experience and employee surveys to create value, and be everyone's tool, the listening program must be integrated with HR and the organization's service delivery model, and be at the heart of the HR strategy. In this way, the organization understands both what it is, how we achieve it and who the owner is.

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