Who are we?

Sariba AS is a consultancy that makes everyday life easier and better for employees, managers and for you who work in HR.

We started in the year 2000 and have 21st anniversary this year. Of course, we're very proud of that. We can say, with our hand on our hearts, that over the past two decades we have gained valuable depth and breadth experience in the HR field. We have been involved in the entire digitalisation journey and are therefore aware of the challenges this has presented, as well as the enormous benefits that those who have participated in the journey have reaped. 

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Managers and employees who get more

We bring all the experience we have gained into our work, and we are more than happy to share our knowledge with you. Our services and solutions are based on best practices, and reusable models and methods. In this way, we make sure that you get exactly what you need, and that both managers and employees get more.

Sariba family

The Sariba family today consists of 44 unique colleagues. In September 2021, we will be 47, and we are constantly growing . We have consultants, consulting managers and project managers working with us. Some work with sales, others with finance and administration, and together we are a good mix with different people who complement each other very well. You will find us in Norway, where we have offices in Oslo and Stavanger, in Sweden and in Spain, where we have offices in Madrid. 

SAP Partner

In 2021, we received the SAP Partner of the Year award, for the second year in a row! This is an award that hangs high in our industry, and an award we are very proud of. Of course we see SAP Gold Partner, SAP Service Partner, SAP SuccessFactors Partner and SAP WAS Reseller. The reason why we work so closely with SAP is that we believe that they deliver the very best products in HR. In addition to working closely with SAP, we also have a number of other official partners . These partnerships allow us to support you through all the steps in the HR process, and offer you the best solutions the market has to offer. 



Provide lasting value creation to customers and employees through sharing, insights and achievements

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Achieve good communication with reconciled expectations and accurate execution



Seek competence, use the knowledge and share experiences



Achieve mutual interaction with openness, consideration, respect and responsibility

Our goals

Our goal is to contribute to lasting value creation for customers and employees.
We do this by:

  • strengthen the HR resources in the business so that they play alongside their employees
  • assist in the design of HR strategy and goals
  • delivering outstanding and user-friendly HR solutions
  • streamline and manage HR processes to work on all surfaces
  • empower leaders and organization to perform better over time

We help people achieve more and deliver technology that makes it possible.

Get to know us

At Sariba, we emphasize people and personality – here you can get to know our skilled employees better.

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