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We are an award-winning and experienced Norwegian SAP SuccessFactors partner, which offers a complete, end-to-end HXM solution for your particular business; a solution that is tailored to meet the requirements of the Norwegian authorities. We offer local resources both for your project, and as support in the time after the project is completed through our exclusive customer quality center, Customer Excellence.

SAP GoldPartner Grade R

We help you strengthen
The HR resources in the business so they play on a team with the employees

In Sariba, we assist in the design of HR strategy and goals. We streamline HR-related processes, and deliver user-friendly HR solutions. We are an HR supplier with a focus on value creation and strengthen leaders and organizations so that they perform better over time. 

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Sariba is an HR supplier with a focus on value creation

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  • We strengthen the HR resources in your company, so that they play on a team with your employees
  • We help you design HR strategy and goals
  • We help you streamline HR-related processes
  • We deliver user-friendly HR solutions
  • We strengthen leaders and the organization so that they perform better, over time


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