Sustainability in Sariba

All parts of Sariba's operations are based on recognition of the fundamental rights and freedoms that belong to all people in the world. Sariba's obligation to respect human rights includes its own activities as well as those of Sariba's suppliers and business partners.

To ensure that Sariba's commitment to respect human rights is rooted in the way the company conducts its business, investigations are regularly carried out with the aim of identifying, assessing and addressing potential risk factors. These activities are in line with international and national guidelines and are required by the Norwegian Transparency Act, which entered into force on 1 July 2022.

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Download our report, where we describe our sustainability strategy. You are of course also welcome to get in touch if you have more questions.

Sustainability Strategy 1
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we have become an eco-lighthouse company

Now we will reduce food waste, sort at sourceand work continuously to to take more right steps in the green direction!

As an Eco-Lighthouse, we contribute also to achieving several of the UN's sustainability goals. A sustainable future needs concrete action and a joint effort from business, government and consumers alike!

this is sariba's environmental policy

Sariba is committed to taking responsibility for the environment through our community and advocacy work and through our daily operations.

Sariba takes social responsibility related to the environment by:
- Actively working with/prioritizing socio-political advocacy work related to climate and environmental challenges
- Having products and services in the "portfolio" that have a positive environmental profile
- Emphasizing the environment in agreements with our partners and alliances
- Developing a preferred employer

Sariba takes responsibility for the environment in its daily operations by:
- Separating waste at source and reducing the total amount of waste
- Controlling and aiming to reduce energy consumption
- Actively working on the reduction of paper and printed matter
- Controlling the environmental requirements of the business
- Actively working towards a balanced work/life

saribas due diligence report

Here you will find our due diligence report for 2024.