Sariba launches mobile apps!

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Welcome to the free breakfast seminar thursday 6/3 at 08.00 with the launch and demo of Sariba's mobile apps.
The trend towards a more flexible working life means that more and more workers in different roles work from home, during travel and at the cabin. Many people see it as a great advantage to do away with tasks like timesheets and expense reports from mobile or tablet without being in the office. Sariba is now launching mobile apps that offer just this opportunity.

Sariba's generic apps are fully integrated with SAP , and are ready for use without major development costs. Attend our breakfast seminar on March 6, and experience how you too on the app front can get the benefit of using standard systems, with the possibility of customization. You will also see how your organization can easily "go mobile", based on your current setup of SAP ECC. The apps are based on Neptune Software.

Hotel Area: At Sariba's | Skippergaten 31 v/Jernbanetorget in Oslo
Time: Thursday 6 March at 08:00 - 10:00
Price: Free
Contact person: Steinar Sabbasen

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