Good reasons to move yours SAP payroll onprem solution to the cloud

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Have your business SAP payroll onprem? If you answer yes to this, we know that you are concerned with quality and that having a robust salary engine is important to you. But what happens to SAP payroll in the future ? SAP itself is an innovative and forward-looking organisation, and they have therefore decided that the future - it is in the cloud.

This is exciting news for all of us who work with payroll , but how does this affect you? And should you also join the journey to the cloud? Our answer to this is an unconditional yes! Below you will find some good reasons why you should pack your bags and get ready for a journey to the cloud; the future is cloud-based, innovative and exciting, and it's already here.

4 good reasons to move SAP payroll onprem to the cloud

  • You will reduce long-term costs associated with hosting the solution. When you move your solution to the cloud, you no longer have to bear the cost of hosting servers. With SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, you get the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with running (or renting) your own servers, while retaining the continuity and excellent features you already know in SAP payroll .
  • By moving the solution to the cloud, you will take your payroll solution into the future , without having to set up a whole new payroll system! We simply move the solution you already have up to the cloud. This means that we take with us what you have already set up (and invest in) such as salary types, company rules, calendars, salary elements, reports and much more. You can also take care of employee data and history, including salary results. This is both time and cost saving when you compare it to setting up a brand new payroll system.
  • You can get rid of onprem hardware and expensive third-party hosting costs
  • If you have an external provider of basic services, you can reduce technical costs . Future upgrades will be handled by SAP

We know that a great many companies implemented SAP payroll onprem more than ten years ago. Much has (thankfully) changed and improved since then, and there are probably areas you can both simplify and standardize. SAP constantly develops exciting, innovative and useful technology. An example of this is the Payroll Controll Center , a solution that will simplify and improve the everyday working life of everyone who works with it payroll .

All in all, we would say that it makes sense to take a look at your payroll solution in its entirety and to join the journey across the cloud. We can guarantee that it will be both familiar, new and exciting.

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