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How are the HR processes in your company? Have you had time to digitize them yet? And where do you actually have all your HR data? Are they in one system? In two? In Excel? And how are your employees doing , after more than two years of a pandemic and at home office? Has it impacted the sense of commitment? Productivity? Sick leave? Turnover? And do you win the war for talent?

We know that digitization and improvement of HR processes can be time consuming and comprehensive processes, but  - because we have both experience and expertise . The extra good news is that Sariba will of course help you - all the way.

Sariba People Centric is our certified HR package solution based on the world-leading and global HR platform SAP SuccessFactors . We have adjusted the solution to the Nordic market, so you can be sure that it covers all HR processes exactly where you are located. On top of this solid solution, we have added best practice in project implementation and more than 20 years of experience in HR technology. In this way, we have facilitated for digitization.

Sariba People Centric allows you to manage employee data in one system – that is, you no longer need Excel, multiple systems or complex databases. You collect everything in an intuitive and user-friendly solution - once and for all.

Our package solution is composed of several different packages, and you choose whether you want to implement the entire suite or implement one package at a time. That way, you are in the driver's seat when you start taking HR to new heights. Sounds good, doesn't it?

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sariba people centric- certified by SAP

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We support you throughout the entire employee journey

HR is more than a staff support function. HR must be present for both employees and managers; for the entire organisation, throughout the entire employee journey. That means from the recruitment process - via onboarding - employee development - right up to the day the employee leaves you company, either as a pensioner or because he has found new challenges. Our experience suggests that choosing an HR system that supports your employees throughout the entire employee journey is one of the wisest things you can do.

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The employee journey – all the way from hire to retire


Sariba People Centric is a scalable and flexible solution that is suitable for you with 450 employees and above. Whether you have one or more locations, in one or more countries, does not matter to us - the solution is adapted to you where you are, and your needs both today and tomorrow.

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