Together for a greener future

Sariba is an Eco-Lighthouse

This fall, we proudly announced that Sariba has achieved Eco-Lighthouse certification. This milestone demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, not only as a response to our customers' demands, but also as a promise to our employees and the community we are part of.

Eco-Lighthouse: More than a customer requirement

For many of our customers, environmental certification is a requirement when choosing a HR system supplier. It is a clear signal that the company takes responsibility for its environmental footprint and is willing to go beyond what is actually required by law. At Sariba, however, we see this not just as fulfilling a requirement, but as a great opportunity to lead the way and inspire positive change.

When we started the certification process, we quickly realized that we needed a partner. We were therefore very pleased when we came across the company Grønn Jobb. Grønn Jobb shares our commitment to sustainable practices and are experts in Eco-Lighthouse certifications. Grønn Jobb has, with a steady hand, guided us through the entire process, which we are very grateful for.

Miljofyrtarn 1

The work was crowned with a diploma ceremony in Oslo City Hall!

The diploma was presented by the then mayor of Oslo, Marianne Borgen. As the pictures above show, two proud Sariba representatives accepted the diploma!

A thorough review

Being an Eco-Lighthouse means that we have conducted a thorough review of how we work, and we have identified areas where we can improve our environmental impact. We have looked at areas such as energy efficiency and waste management, health, safety and environment, and what we can do to promote sustainable transportation. With this certification, we take a big step closer to our goal of being a responsible player in an increasingly environmentally conscious business landscape.

Our efforts to achieve Eco-Lighthouse certification have already had an impact on our everyday work. We have implemented source sorting and weigh waste twice a year to monitor the development in the right direction. Going forward, we will identify our environmental goals annually, and these will be integrated into our environmental accounts. We have also worked hard to develop our sustainability strategy, and have put in place a thorough and informative document that shows what we do and how we work with this. From now on, each year we will define which environmental goals we will work on, and these will be included in our environmental accounts. All these measures are part of our targeted efforts to make our little corner of the world a little greener, one step at a time.

Our social responsibility starts with Eco-Lighthouse certification

At Sariba, we are both aware of and concerned about our social responsibility. This is a responsibility we take seriously and with pleasure. We believe that companies have a duty to have a positive impact on society, both locally and globally. Our Eco-Lighthouse certification is not just a business strategy, but a recognition that we are part of something bigger. We are proud to contribute to a sustainable future and hope our certification can be an inspiration to other companies.

As an employer, we also have an obligation to our employees. The Sariba family currently consists of 100 employees. When we look up, it means that there are 100 families that depend on us as an employer. This is a responsibility we take seriously. We need to ensure that the future of these 100 families is managed in the best possible way.

We strive to create a work environment that encourages not only professional growth, but also personal development. Our employees are simply the key to our success, and their wellbeing is crucial to us. Now that we have embarked on sustainable practices, we not only care for the environment, but also for all the people who make up the Sariba family.

Our commitment

At Sariba, we're not only committed to delivering first-class HR services to our customers. We are also committed to leading by example when it comes to sustainability, inspiring change and being good citizens. Our Eco-Lighthouse certification is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new chapter in our commitment to a better future.

Thank you for being part of this journey with Sariba.