Sariba turns 15 – we celebrate with a makeover!

Sariba in new suit

September 1, 2015 - Sariba turns 15. We celebrate this with a new graphic profile and new websites, and are pleased that our entire graphic expression is adapted to 2015.

«Sariba has been in a continuous process of change in order to best support our customers. We have gone from being a company that exclusively delivered SAP HR solutions to become a process-oriented HR house. Interaction between strategy, process and technology is necessary to create effects in HR-related processes. This is to the benefit of both our customers and our employees, "says Lionel Layerle, Sariba's new CEO.

"Getting to work with whole processes and not just systems is very instructive. It's helpful to see the big picture in what I'm working on. This contributes to better process understanding which is certainly to the benefit of the customer." says Halvard Løchen, Manager Solution. Halvard has been employed by Sariba for over eight years and has thus been allowed to participate in the development of the company.

We proudly look back on the 15 years that have been and look forward to the next 15! We hope you enjoy our new profile and that you join us on your journey.

Want to know more about Sariba? Get in touch with Lionel Layerle