Why choose sick leave follow-up from Sariba Care?


You get an automated solution that guides you through the whole process; step by step


You get a proven, educational and user-friendly solution


You get a solution that is updated at all times according to government requirements

How do you manage sick leave follow-up?

It will always be the case that employees become ill and also go on sick leave, but have you considered that your handling of this plays an important role for the working environment in your company, and that it also has financial consequences? Consequently, having good control over sick leave is a very important task, but because the process might take much time and be perceived as heavy and demanding, it is not always that the quality is as good as it could have been. Our experience indicates that there is a lot of uncertainty associated with follow-up of sick leave; nyears to start? What are you going to do first? Which forms should you submit where? And not least when? Many experience that the maximum date for sick pay sometimes arrives bit abruptly.

The good news is that there exists a solution that automates the process and guides you safely through all the steps. This way, you make sure that your employees may get back to work faster and healthier. Good for the employee, good for the economy and good for the working environment. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Known challenges related to sick leave follow-up

  • Managers do not know the process related to follow-up of sick employees well enough
  • Managers lack tools for follow-up of sick employees
  • The sick leave follow-up tool does not have alerts for what to follow up when
  • HR does not have access to the tools they need to control follow-up, and therefore cannot provide the necessary support to the managers
  • Sick leave causes considerable costs for the business
  • Sick leave can have many causes

Choose a solution that provides you with complete control. Of the whole process.

Select a solution that guides you through all the steps in the sick leave process, from A to Z, and make sure that the employee feels well taken care of throughout the sick leave. Select a solution that gives you alerts so that you can meet deadlines, and which supports your managers with the important task of sick leave follow-up. which can be challenging to handle. 

Calculations made by NHO (the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) show that the average cost of sick leave is NOK 2,900 per day, and the reimbursement from NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) beyond the employer period is only NOK 2,400. With a reduced sickness absence rate, your company will achieve large cost savings

Therefore, select the solution that takes care of all parties involved, which creates peace of mind in the process, which reduces sick leave and thus ensures cost savings for your company.

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Sariba Care – your sick leave follow-up solution from A to Z

We at Sariba have developed a solution that safeguards this, namely Sariba Care. The goal is for the employee to be well looked after during the illness, experience a good return to the workplace and as short a period of sick leave as possible. Better follow-up of sick colleagues provides both a safer working environment and increased well-being at the workplace.

With Sariba Care you provide your managers with a very good, tailor-made tool for following up their employees, throughout the sick leave period. Sariba Care is the only solution on the market with a fully automated reporting tool. The solution guides your managers through the sick leave process and ensures that it all can be managed in accordance with the authorities' requirements, rules and deadlines. Because Sariba Care is a fully integrated cloud solution, you will always have a system that is up to date according to the applicable laws and regulations.

When you use Sariba Care, you will streamline follow-up of sickness in your company, which will both reduce your sickness absence rate and save your company significant costs.

Why sick leave follow-up from Sariba Care? 


  • Good and proper follow-up will reduce sick leave
  •  Is a proven, intuitive and user-friendly system built on SAP SuccessFactors platform
  •  Is a solid solution that handles rules, legally required deadlines, responsibilities and tasks
  •  Automatically reminds managers when a follow-up point approaches its deadline
  •  Is up to date at all times in accordance with government requirements
  •  Provides guidance and best practice for follow-up of sick leave and facilitation of partial or full return to work.
  •  Supports electronic submission of follow-up plan to NAV and medical doctor.
  •  May be configured according to your company's specific needs
  •  Has a function for preventive follow-up
  •  Uses absence registered in SAP SuccessFactors as a source.