Welcome to us, SalMar!


It is with great pleasure, and a good dose of humility, that we can welcome SalMar as a Sariba customer.

SalMar is the world's second largest salmon farmer, producing fish in Norway, Iceland, Scotland and offshore. Since 1991, SalMar has been a driving force for sustainable development in the aquaculture industry, a driving force with a passion for salmon.

SalMar has a stated business ambition to be the world's best salmon farming company, and its vision is "Passion for Salmon". SalMar focuses on farming on the salmon's own terms and being excellent in all stages and details of production.

"I look forward to seeing how SAP SuccessFactors will help SalMar focus on their HR processes" says Cecilie Eckhardt, Sales & Marketing Director in Sariba. "SalMar is a company that is committed to quality at all levels, and we will also see this clearly in their work with HR and HR processes ".

If you have any questions about the collaboration with SalMar, Sariba, or SAP SuccessFactors you are very welcome to contact Cecilie.