Automated follow-up of time-off limits

Automatic tracking of spasizing limits

It can be challenging for HR when employees are left with unused hours/days in their time off quotas. It can also be difficult to keep track of whether maximum or minimum values are respected.

Many companies have rules that set out the employee's entitlement to and limits on the use of flexitime. Such rules could be, for example, that employees can have a maximum of 40 hours of flexitime in their flexitime balance every six months or quarter, or that no more than 10 minutes per month are allowed. A third example would be that a maximum of 15 hours of flexitime can be carried over from one year to the next. Although many companies have internal rules for managing flexitime, not all of them allow their HR system to handle this automatically. This can lead to companies either spending a lot of time keeping track of this manually or not enforcing the rules as intended.

IN SAP There are a number of options for automatically handling rules related to flexitime. This can easily be followed up by using time evaluation.

  • Limits can be set up for generating hours or days in the flex time balance. All work time beyond a set limit can be calculated on a separate balance that can either be paid out or deducted at the next payroll run, or the hours may be delisted. How this is handled depends on the internal regulations of each individual company.
  • Rules can be set up to ensure that what is left in the quota at the end of a period is automatically transferred with a maximum value to the following period.

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