What exactly is a cloud solution?

Why choose cloud solution

Before we tell you something about why you should choose a cloud solution, we would like to dwell a little on this concept; cloud solution. For what exactly is a cloud solution? Or Cloud as it is also called.

To clarify this, we have talked to our Product Manager, Halvard Løchen, to see if he can explain this to us in a simple and straightforward way.

So Halvard, what exactly is a cloud solution?

A cloud solution is a hassle-free technical environment!

What do you mean?

Let me try to draw a picture for you. Let's say you need a really good robotic lawnmower (without comparison otherwise). You want the best lawn mower the market has to offer, and it is important to you that the software is, at all times, up-to-date. You want a smooth and green lawn, which can really compete with the best gardens in the neighborhood, without you having to think about either maintenance, updates or the actual lawn mowing.

Instead of buying a lawn mower (which you have to lubricate, update and generally maintain) you have access to one that always works and is up to date, just when you need it! The maintenance is done by someone else, and if something should happen, someone else will come and fix it! The only thing you need to think about is how you want the lawn to look, how often you should mow the grass and where to place the deck chairs!

This is exactly the case for cloud services for payroll and HR systems as well. You get access to a solution that always works, and if something should be fixed, it is not your problem, it is someone else who handles.

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Let me draw a picture for you! Let's say you need a really good lawn mower (without comparison otherwise)!

Great! Thanks for the explanation Halvard. But who is a cloud solution really for?

The great thing about cloud solutions is that they are suitable for absolutely everyone! They are adapted to local regulations in that different data centers are located in different regions. This means that rules with regional differences, such as the GDPR, are always taken into account.

Ok. But what's in it for me, that is, if I am your customer?

The best thing about a cloud-based solution is that you as a customer do not need to maintain technical expertise internally! This means that you can free up both time and resources, and focus on your core business, and the tasks that actually provide value.

But what about security, then Halvard?

You can be absolutely sure that data stored in a cloud solution is as secure as data stored elsewhere. In fact, I would argue that a cloud solution gives you extra security. What I mean by that is that if you should be unlucky enough to have your computer corrupted or if the data you need should be lost in another way, it can always be retrieved from the storage space in the cloud.

Top! One last question: Is there anything special you should think about when it comes to cloud solutions and HR?

Yes I will say that! What you should keep in mind when it comes to cloud solutions and HR, is that you should simply use this! Cloud solutions will give you completely new opportunities in HR , because cloud solutions provide a completely unique support for your HR processes! All data is available in one and the same solution, which means that you can reuse data in all your HR processes. This simply means that you no longer need to register the same data multiple times.

From a personnel archive perspective, it is absolutely great, because it ensures that you are GDPR-compliant at all times, something most people are concerned about being. And last but not least, the updates from the authorities will automatically come into your solution, so you do not have to think about it too!

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