Sariba Summer Greetings

Happy summer from Lionel

Our Managing Director , Lionel Layerle, wishes all Sariba's customers, partners and followers a really good summer. Read his summer greeting and summary of 2021's first half year here. 

For the second year in a row, we are leaving behind a special and digital spring. We hope and believe that Norway will open more and more, that the pandemic is coming to an end and that it will soon be possible to return to the offices, to meet both colleagues and customers when autumn knocks on the door. The first half of 2021 has demanded a lot from everyone, but if there is one thing this pandemic has shown us, it is that we get to do most things together with our customers. I am proud of the efforts made by everyone: customers, partners and employees.

Sariba's geographical development continues

Sariba has been a stable player in the Norwegian market for over two decades, and our development continues on several fronts. Of course, we continue to grow in Norway, but also in Sweden and Spain. During the last six months, we have had the pleasure of strengthening the team with over ten new and talented colleagues. This gives us access to more expertise and experience, which we of course share with our customers. In this way, we help our customers create profits based on the challenges they give us.

In addition to this, we in Sariba have had the pleasure of entering into a joint venture with the Portuguese company SAPiENT. We have done this both to strengthen the team and to increase our visibility in Europe. We have simply created the basis for healthy and long-term growth where our customers are, and should be, at the center!

More customers are choosing Sariba

It is gratifying to see that more and more customers are choosing Sariba and our solution Sariba People Centric, when they need to renew and improve their HR processes. With Sariba People Centric, you get access to an excellent HR solution, based on SAP SuccessFactors , and best practices for digitizing HR and payroll processes.

The first Employee Central Payroll projects are underway

As an important part of our strategy and competence development, we at Sariba always want to be one step ahead. Employee Central Payroll ( salary in the Cloud from SAP SuccessFactors ) is now available for Norway, and at the time of writing we are working on implementing a solution for more customers. The solution will offer both simplifications and improvements in the working day for salaried employees. We will set up a webinar about this in one of the first autumn months, we of course promise to keep you updated as soon as the date is set.

Wishing you a really good summer

The last six months have been both eventful and busy. On behalf of all of us at Sariba, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and partners. Thank you for believing in us, challenging us, choosing us, and for making our business journey possible.

The summer holidays are now just around the corner, and we all deserve to take a break. For us at Sariba, July means holiday cancellations, but take it easy: Sariba Customer Excellence is open all summer, and all our customers will be taken care of. We are looking forward to the summer that is here, at the same time as we look forward to the autumn, which is already filled with positive news.

Happy summer everyone, and take care of each other!

Many greetings from

Lionel Layerle

Managing Director