Take HR to new heights with a Cloud solution

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by Lionel Layerle

Many vendors offer HR solutions based on different platforms. Some solutions support only parts of the HR processes, while others support both depth and breadth of processes. In recent years, cloud solutions have become increasingly better and more relevant to customers, and there are very specific reasons for this.

Why are Cloud-based HR solutions more and more in demand?

The demand for Cloud solutions is closely linked to the increased need for flexibility, speed and quality in HR departments. The following six components appear to be the most central in the consideration of a Cloud-based HR solution:

  • Flexibility: The ability to scale easily up or down is one of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based solution. For example, the solution can be rolled out very quickly with the acquisition of a new company.
  • Security: Once data is stored in the cloud, it is safeguarded with the required level of security and necessary back-up, so that it is available even in the event of an accident.
  • Maintenance and updating are included: Regularly, your solution will be updated with new releases (normally quarterly). These releases will both correct any errors and make improvements available.
  • Faster implementation: It is less demanding to implement a Cloud-based HR solution than an on-premise solution. In addition, the customer can choose when and in what order the different modules are put in place. Step-by-step implementation means that you build brick by brick and have the opportunity to develop the organization and processes in line with the implementation.
  • User-friendly: Cloud-based solutions are simple and easy to use, and will help create a new communication platform between employees, managers and HR in your organization.

What is important to consider when thinking about investing in a new HR solution?

When purchasing a new HR solution, the following should be high on the agenda:

  • Don't talk about system anymore: To maximize the benefits of a new HR solution, position the implementation as an organizational development initiative, with HR leadership and strong involvement from managers and employees. New HR solutions offer the opportunity to develop the Employee Experience, increase engagement, improve performance and much more. But this will not happen without
    • a clear HR strategy,
    • HR-processes that are designed from an employee perspective
    • a culture in your organization that is consistent with the new processes
  • Imagine a roadmap from administrative HR to strategic HR: Today's cloud-based HR solutions provide the ability to support both administrative and strategic processes by integrating the two to best impact the organization.
  • Be open to best practices: Cloud-based HR solutions come with best practices of processes. Throughout implementation, you have the opportunity to check your own processes and assess whether best practices meet your business needs before you possibly sit down at the drawing board.

Good guidance and help in making the right and important assessments is crucial to a successful election. Sariba will be happy to help you – get in touch with Lionel Layerle.