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Imagine a workday where handling travel expences is not only fast and efficient, but even fun. Imagine a business trip where registering a receipt goes lightning fast, and where you are so impressed that you actually smile. Imagine a business trip where mileage allowance connects directly to Google Maps on your phone, and where you can book flights and hotels via the same app that automatically loads receipts from your hotel stay! It is actually possible. The future solution for travel and expense reimbursement is here: SAP Concur Travel & Expense.

For Sariba, it is important to be able to offer our customers the very best solutions the market has to offer. SAP Concur Travel & Expense is SAP's focus area within the travel and expense reimbursement process ; a cloud-based solution that covers the travel process from A to Z in one and the same app, both before, during and after a trip. In fact, we have such great faith in this solution that we have chosen to certify several of our colleagues in SAP Concur, in addition to being the official SAP Concur partner.

SAP Concur - before the business trip

SAP Concur lets you and your employees book everything you need for your business trip via one and the same app; you easily book flights, car rental and hotels. To ensure that it all takes place in accordance with your company's travel policy, we include your regulations in the solution. For example, if you want employees to only book hotel rooms that can be canceled, or for them to stay below a certain price level, the rules ensure that the search only shows relevant results. You also have the opportunity to mark which airlines or hotel chains you prefer that your employees use. SAP Concur is linked to the vast majority of tourism players (hotel chains, travel agencies, car rental companies etc), and when a trip or hotel stay is booked via the app, the receipt will automatically uploaded to Concur. If your company has an agreement with an airline or a hotel chain that gives your employees favorable prices, it will also appear in SAP Concur.

SAP Concur - During the business trip

SAP Concurs document management is both simple and intuitive, and can be used while you are traveling. A unique feature of Concur is the way registration of receipts takes place: you take a picture of the receipt with the mobile camera, and a scanner function interprets the information and provides correct information to the document created in the app. Concur has also made registering mileage allowance very easy. You enter your start and end addresses, and the route appears in Google Maps. You can easily change the itinerary if you have taken a different route than the one proposed as the fastest route. SAP Concurs' country-specific templates cover the rules for the countries you need. The template for Norway contains, among other things, the state's travel regulations and rules for diet, so that this is taken into account when you and your employees are to keep travel invoices. Reimbursement of expenses related to business travel is also easy in Concur. If you have had dinner with a customer, you will be able to retrieve information about the customer directly from your calendar or contact list. SAP Concur is thus a very good solution for both travel and expense reimbursement.

SAP Concur - after the business trip

When the trip is completed, the travel invoice is sent in via the app, and goes on to the nearest manager who receives a message in his app that the trip is ready for approval. In the app, the manager gets an easy overview of what has been registered, and the travel invoice can either be approved or sent back to the employee for correction. The travel and expense reimbursement is then sent on to, for example, finance. Of course, we set up who will receive the refunds, and in what order, so that it reflects the workflow in your particular company.

SAP Concur - for expense reimbursement

The corona pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, and the fact that very many of us have been placed in home offices has highlighted the importance of having a good solution for travel and expense reimbursement. purchased equipment for their home office, at the same time, it becomes very clear that it is no longer enough to just have a solution for expense reimbursement, you must have a very good and intuitive solution for just this. Here too, SAP Concur is the solution to many of your challenges. The solution allows you to add rules and logic to the solution, so that neither you nor your employees need to worry about these being complied with. If, for example, you have a limit for purchases for the home office of NOK 5,000, this is entered in SAP Concur. You can choose to set up alerts when the total is approaching, or you can enter barriers that make it impossible to register for more than this amount. In this way, you simplify the process and reduce the number of errors at the same time. By the way, did you know that 20% of employees have at least one purchase on their expense reimbursement that is not in accordance with the regulations? And that 10% of business travelers have doubled at least one expense on their travel bill? This can cost you dearly both in terms of money and not being compliant. The good news is that you can easily get control of this by using SAP Concur.

A system gives you the whole for travel and expense reimbursement

By moving the entire travel process to one and the same solution, you get new and unique opportunities for reporting. As a manager, you can see which trips your employees book, and which items are cost-driving. You will also be able to take out reports that show whether the employees follow your company's travel policy, and whether there are double registrations of travel documents.

Who should use SAP Concur?

For those of you who have not yet used mobile apps to simplify and automate the process of travel and expense reimbursement, Concur is an excellent choice. Concur is also a very good solution for you who want to get the whole travel process in one and the same solution. If you have employees in several countries, SAP Concur is also the solution for you. Concur gives you unique support for dealing with different countries' regulations in one and the same solution. We believe that SAP Concur is the solution for any company that wants to simplify and improve its travel and expense reimbursement process, and for all companies that put usability and compliance high on the agenda.

Gains from using Concur

  • The system ensures that the employees make travel and expense reimbursement correctly, and that the manager approves correctly.
  • Reduces errors by moving regulations and logic from the personnel handbook and employees' heads into the solution.
  • Reduced travel expenses and costs by giving your employees access to a travel agency
  • Concur ensures that you and your employees comply with the regulations, and you ensure that you are at all times compliant
  • You and your employees get access to an intuitive mobile application and a modern web interface, which is updated at all times because it is a cloud solution

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