Clarify the benefits of your new HR system - for people other than HR

How do you clarify the benefits associated with your new HR system

Have you invested in a new HR system? Or are you perhaps in the planning phase of such an investment? Wherever you are in this process, it's important to clarify the benefits of such an investment. Because there's no denying it: A new HR system costs. At the same time, it's incredibly important to point out that a new HR system also brings benefits. And we're not just talking about benefits for the HR department. A new HR system will benefit the entire organization: For managers and employees, finance, marketing and sales, and even the CEO.

To get the whole organization on board, a crystal clear description of what you want to achieve is crucial: what problems are you going to solve and what results can you expect? And how do these results relate to business benefits and the challenges the company faces? The stronger and better anchored this description is, and the more clearly the expected results are defined, the stronger your business case will be. A well-described business case is important, not only to get the investment decision approved, but also as a guiding star throughout the project phase.

Value and benefit realization

For many, the challenge is to quantify the benefits and motives for change. How do you convert an improved onboarding process into dollars and cents? And how do you make the benefits of a new competence system visible to employees? A cloud solution like SAP SuccessFactors drives automation of processes and reduces the need for manual work - both for HR departments and for those who use the solution. The way to quantify this efficiency potential is to first understand your own baseline and then compare it to the results achieved by other companies.

Our framework - clarifying benefits

During our more than 20 years at HR, we have seen how much HR gains when they link system investments to benefit realization. We have simply seen how firmly HR stands in the organization when they translate HR system investments into monetary gains.

With this in mind, we at Sariba have developed an ROI framework to help our customers do just that. With our framework, your company's most important business goals are linked to 3-5 HR priorities - these are priorities that support the business goals. Then both HR goals and sub-goals/KPIs are defined. This is an area we at Sariba are really passionate about, and we believe that our framework gives our customers a unique management basis both during projects, but also in the operational phase. With increased awareness of what you want to achieve, the likelihood of hitting the mark increases significantly!

We assist you with:

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