Employee file management: What does your organization need? 

Digital Personnel Archive

By: Ana Romero

Within HR processes your organization has many needs. Among these you will find management of employee files - all the way from generation to storage, to retention and eventually archiving and/or destruction as employees touch the processes of recruitment, onboarding, hiring, development, payroll, termination or retirement. As such the employee file management cycle can be both challenging and time consuming 

– It can vary from country to country but also follow a general framework, such as the EU GDPR. The process can also be very costly if your organization is noncompliant. To put it in other words: The employee file management process can be complex!

Luckily, there is a solution that will handle all your employee file management challenges; it is called PeopleDoc.

What exactly is PeopleDoc?

PeopleDoc iis a HR Service Delivery in the Cloud for employee file management that make work easier for both HR, managers, and employees. PeopleDoc lets you create, sign, store, access, share, and delete employee files in one secure place, accessible on any device and available wherever you are.

System + expertise = success 

At Sariba we have been working with the implementation of HR systems for over 20 years, and when you combine our experience and expertise with PeopleDoc's digital personnel archive, your organization will be very well equipped when you have to handle the employees' file life cycle. PeopleDoc will make it easy for your HR department to manage documents efficiently and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Why choose PeopleDoc:

There are many reasons to choose PeopleDoc, delivered by Sariba, here are some of them:

  • Employee files can be generated and sent to employees for signing - quick and easy
  • Employees can send their documents themselves via e-mail to a specified inbox - easy to use
  • Different document types can be stored based on the employee's employment date, end date or other custom date - keeps you compliant
  • HR can view documents that are near expiration. Additionally, administrators can review the documents - gives you full control of the process
  • It has specific connectors with SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM and can be setup to be integrated with nearly any core HRIS applications or HR tools related to Recruiting, Payroll, IT Ticketing or upcoming HR chat bots  – a good match for (almost) all HR systems

In short, PeopleDoc offers a centralized, digital personnel archive - all within a simple user interface that provides excellent user experiences.

Sariba have been helping companies to streamline their HR processes for over 20 years. Feel free to contact us; we are more than happy to guide you through your file management journey.

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