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Ensuring a smooth transition to SAP SuccessFactors Report stories

By Cindy Payet

At Sariba, we’re dedicated to giving you the newest ideas and tools to improve your daily business operations. Today, we’re excited to tell you about a big change in how we build reports: SAP SuccessFactors is transitioning to Report Stories. In the future, other report types will be rendered obsolete as they will not be used anymore. We will explain in more details now what you can do to stay on track, starting today!

As technology gets better, we need better tools in order to help our businesses grow smoothly. SAP SuccessFactors Report stories is one of those tools. It’s a new way to make reports, with lots of useful features that fit the needs of modern businesses. It’s easy to use and has advanced features that will change how you understand your data and make decisions. You can combine simple reports such as tables with more complex visuals that are used to be seen in interactive dashboards.

One great thing about SAP SuccessFactors Report stories is that it makes reporting simpler. Instead of using different systems and doing things manually, everything is in one place. This means you’ll save time and always have the most accurate information.

SAP SuccessFactors Report stories will replace other types of reports in the future to make sure your reports are consistent and reliable.

New deprecation dates have been announced for legacy reports:

  • Deprecation of Classic Reporting tools – 2H 2024
  • Deprecation of Tile & Dashboards – 2H 2025
  • For Canvas and Tables, no deprecation date is announced. More updates will be provided in the 2H 2025

It is the logical next step in achieving SAP SuccessFactors’ vision of making Stories in People Analytics the go-to solution for all of the reporting needs.

Switching to a new reporting type within the system might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Our experienced team can guide you through the process, from setting things up to ongoing support. We can customize the reports to fit your needs, whether you’re starting from scratch or moving reports from other legacy types.

This doesn’t only take into account setting things up. We also offer services like making custom reports, analyzing data, and training your team. We want to make sure you get the most out of SAP SuccessFactors Report stories.

What you will need to consider when it comes to reporting is:

  • The activation of the functionality
  • Analysis of which reports are needed and prioritize which ones to switch to Report Stories
  • Availability of standard Report stories
  • Training of your team members
  • Follow-up and maintenance of the report: do I need to add some other features, which data, etc
  • How to make the most out of this information and utilize it in other tools or in combination with other tools
  • Ultimately how to help your Board of directors and your company in making better decisions for the business based on accurate data

We believe in working closely with you to understand your needs and challenges. By listening to your needs and to your feedback, we can make sure our solutions work for you.

In short, SAP SuccessFactors Reports stories is a great way to improve your reporting and get more out of your data. With Sariba on your side, you’ll have a partner to help you every step of the way.

Please contact us for more information or a demo – we’re excited to help you make the most of SAP SuccessFactors Report stories.

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