SAP SuccessFactors Compensation: Her får du høydepunktene knyttet til H2 2021 realesen

H2 realese av SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

Vi har gode nyheter for deg som bruker SAP SuccessFactors Compensation: Endringene for andre halvår 2021 er nå klare, og dette har vår dyktige kollega, Lucia, tatt for seg. I dette blogginnlegget oppsummerer hun hva som er nytt, spennende og aktuelt, og vi håper du blir like begeistret som vi!

Vil du ha tilgang til hele rapporten vår, finner du den her.

Og du: Lucia er spansk, så oversikten er skrevet på engelsk. Ønsker du en ytterligere forklaring, for eksempel på norsk, er du mer enn velkommen til å ta kontakt.

Guidelines in SAP SuccessFactors Compensation using entered or calculated values for compensation planning


Guidelines in SAP SuccessFactors Compensation are used to show recommendations to managers based on defined criterias such as performance rating or country. With this new release, we can include calculated or editable fields as part of the guidelines. A group column can be referred as a guideline grouping to show recommendations to managers.

CMP 27249

Compensation plan template publishing to metadata framework (MDF)


MDF object is a custom object where we can store data for different modules such as compensation. With this new feature, we can automatically publish back the data into this type of objects once compensation cycle is completed.

Multiple custom field selections when publishing back to employee central

CMP-24582, CMP-27815

In this new realese of SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, we can now select several compensation fields to publish the results of the employees that only meet certain of these criteria.

CMP 24582

Selection of criteria

CMP 24582to be placed below the other one



Define population views using manage advanced executive review filters


Population views can now be chosen, making navigation options cleaner for compensation reviewers. We can, for instance,  deactivate the matrix hierarchy view if matrix managers are not a part of the process.

CMP 27330


CMP 27330to be placed below the other one

Show compensation recommendations outside of guidelines or salary range by using a filter in executive review


A new standard filter is now available to better control pay distribution. As a result, we can have 3 new different views.

  • Employees that are in guidelines and ranges (outside value = no)
  • See all employees regardless guidelines and ranges (if we do not select it as filter criteria)
  • Employees that are outside guidelines and pay ranges (if the value chosen below is “yes”)


Filter options

Publish Values from the Compensation Worksheet to compInfo Fields


Although there are still a few limitations, we can now publish results from compensation worksheet into Employee Central compensation information fields.

Improved Collaboration for Planners in Updating Worksheets


As multiple planners can have access to the same worksheet, SAP has introduced a new button called “save and close”. Each manager can click on it once salary recommendations are introduced and they will be redirected to their compensation inbox”.

This new setting in SAP SuccessFactors Compensation will allow  other managers to access the worksheet and not block their accesses anymore avoiding potential bottlenecks.

New call-to-action

Lucia sirkel kopi

Lucia Jerez

Manager Solutions

I hope your company can benefit from these new features and take your compensation planning to next level! 😉 Please remember that they won’t be available in the production systems until November 19th 2021.

You can check the whole list of SAP Successfactors release features navigating to SAP “What’s New” page.

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See you in our next post!

Kind regards, Lucia